House Cleaning

Our experience cleaning homes is extended to the limit. Our cleaners will always perform a deep and detailed cleaning. We will work thoroughly and efficiently. 

When cleaning your home, we will include your ceiling fans, remove cob webs from your ceilings, we will clean inside your windows and window sill, your baseboards and trim, we will remove stains and finger prints from your walls and around door's knob, etc... We include details in your cleaning, which many cleaning companies don't do.

Office Cleaning

Our office clients are more frequent clients, so based on frequency we give amazing discounts to our office clients! Cleaners are experienced cleaning public areas, making sure common spaces are free of germs, completely disinfected and cleaned!

Move In/Out Cleaning


We will make sure you will get your deposit back! We will only perform a deep cleaning and leave the property ready for the next person to move-in!

In the move in/out cleaning services we include inside of all your appliances, cabinets, pantries, biult-ins and closets along with inside windows, baseboards and ceiling fans. In this type of cleaning absolutely nothing is left without cleaning. 

Cleaning Products

Our crew are experienced individuals that know how to use all types of cleaning products. It's important to know how to use these products otherwise you can stain your floors, windows, appliances, etc. Our cleaners use the best products available, we can also do green cleaning if you prefer, that must be a request you do during your booking.

Additional Services

Laundry (Wash, dry and fold)


We also offer in house laundry services, for laundry services you must provide supplies and you must have a washer and dryer in house or in your building. Our charges are based on number of loads and frequency.



Inside Cabinets, pantries and closets


We already include inside cabinets, pantries and closets cleaning, if you're moving in or moving out, otherwise this type of cleaning will be part of our home organizing services and it can be added to your regular cleaning appointment or it can be scheduled separately from your regular cleaning visit.



Inside Fridge/ Inside oven

Cleaning inside of your appliances are something we do on a regular basis although it's up to the client to decide if it will be needed or not. When booking your cleaning we will ask if you want cleaning inside of the appliances done, this way we can understand the type of cleaning you're looking for.

Interior Windows

 Most cleaning companies charge extra to clean inside of your windows but our crew includes all windows in the cleaning!

We clean and disinfect INSIDE of all windows and window-sills.

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